Every Penny Counts

Written by Mary Hemingway

Not everyone can say this but I love my job. I get to use my expertise every day to help people achieve their goals by creating trusted long-term relationships, as a ‘people person’ it’s a dream come true.

I’ve had the pleasure recently of working with more Borderers as they approach their hard earned retirement. One case in particular stands out, a gentleman approached me as he had received a statement for his Final Salary pension with a previous employer and, like most, was somewhat bewildered by the contents. He had always assumed he wouldn’t be able to retire and at the age of 60 was planning to work indefinitely, perhaps working part time when his pension began.

After meeting with me and discussing his unique situation he left with the confidence that I could arrange his pensions to improve income flexibility, tax efficiency and ultimately his retirement. He had a time frame for me completing my work, an estimated cost and most importantly the confidence that he would probably be able to fully retire – against his expectations – at 65!

Your circumstances are unique, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to retirement planning and with revolutionary Pension Freedom Reforms you may benefit from speaking to an independent expert if you have questions about your Defined Contribution or Occupational Pension Scheme.

If you would like an initial consultation at no cost (or just a friendly chat over a cup of coffee), then get in touch on 01896 824407 for our Scotland Office. If you’re further south, please call our Head Office in Fareham on 01329 821950.