At Prosperity we recognise that it isn’t a case of one size fits all

Managing your wealth is absolutely critical to your financial wellbeing, however it is far from an exact science and future performance can be unpredictable.

Whether you are investing for growth, to generate an income, or simply aiming to counter the effects of inflation, Prosperity has a range of investment strategies to suit you as an individual. Our approach to managing your wealth considers this. From a recommendation about the most appropriate ISA for your needs to a truly bespoke investment portfolio, we have a solution that we believe can work for you.

The responsibility of determining the investment approach is the role of our Investment Committee. The committee meets regularly to discuss our chosen investment strategies and developments within the investment marketplace. During the course of this process we take guidance from an array of research sources and professional managers, to ensure our clients have the opportunity to achieve consistent performance over the medium to longer term.

At Prosperity we favour an active investment approach to aim for higher potential returns or to lower risk for our clients.

We have a clear cost structure and work with some of the UK’s leading investment management firms to ensure our client’s wealth is invested appropriately and professionally at the best possible terms.